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Booking your ride with Kabridge states that you are willing to use the Kabridge services via website & mobile application. To book a ride on Kabridge, you must first register yourself on Kabridge. If you are registering yourself on Kabridge via mobile application(s) or website, then you must agree to the Terms and Conditions stated below & must tick/click on ‘’I agree to Kabridge’s Terms & Conditions‘’ box on the passenger’s contact information page.

Kabridge acts as a Booking Agent, not a licensed private hire operator.

Terms of Service


    In these Terms and Conditions the following expressions represents the following meanings:

    1. "Agreed Pick-Up Point" the agreed location from where you wish to be picked.
    2. "Agreed Time" the time you wish to be picked by PHO.
    3. "Booking" the reservation of a cab you make for your desired location.
    4. "PHO" the person of the company who accepts your ride.
    5. "Card" the credit, debit or charge card, or PayPal account you use while booking the ride.
    6. "Cash" the payment made to the PHO/Driver.
    7. "Details" your data required at the time of booking.
    8. "Fare" the amount paid by you at the time of booking.
    9. "Goods" any services/tangible items carried during your ride.
    10. "Ride" the journey you make from the pick-up point to the drop-off point.
    11. "Particular Requirements" the requirements you might have relating to disabled facilities.
    12. "Passenger" person availing the ride in the cab.
    13. "Personal Data" data provided by you regarding your physical and email addresses, mobile number, etc.
    14. "Quote" price that you receive through website/application for the ride.
    15. "Terms" official statements between two parties.
    16. "Website" public platform where company provides you all its services and details.
    17. "You" means the person whom you are addressing to.
    18. "Kabridge" name of the application/portal from where cab can be booked.

    You can easily get quotes for making bookings and payments on Kabridge on mobile application/website with the help of Kabridge’s software. Once confirmation of booking is done then you are liable to follow the terms and conditions of Kabridge. The contact details of the PHO will be displayed on your screen once the ride is confirmed at the time of booking.

    1. If you are booking ride on Kabridge, then you must provide your accurate & authentic details. Kabridge cannot held responsible if you fail to provide your details.
    2. You have to be at least 18 years of age to make a booking via mobile application or website.
    3. Kabridge does not take responsibility to fulfil all your requirements & reserves the rights to cancel any bookings or refuse to make one. In case of such occurrence, Kabridge will refund the full amount paid by you, if and when a final settlement is made.
    4. Kabridge will send you a copy of your record when you visit the website. This "data" will empower Kabridge to track your conduct on the website/application.
    5. Kabridge will keep your personal data confidential. In case, you do not want Kabridge to use your email address to send information concerning matters related to your booking, then you should send an email to info@kabridge.com.
    1. Once you have provided the details of the journey, Kabridge will furnish you through the website/application with quotes.
    2. At the time of booking, it is your responsibility to ensure that your provided details are correct. The booking will not be confirmed if you provide your false details and you lose the entitlement to claim any payment made against the booking.
    3. You need to provide additional detail for Airport Pickups:
      • The details of your flights are entered in to Kabridge’s database
      • Your flight details are then shared with the fleets accordingly
      • Your flight delays & early arrivals will be monitored by the fleet management
      • The driver will be waiting for you 30 mins in the ‘’arrivals’’ after landing of your flight.
      • At the arrival of your flight, the driver will wait for you 30 minutes after your flight lands
      • No additional charges required for 30 minutes Waiting and Parking
    4. Your acceptance to Kabridge’s terms & conditions acts as an agent of the PHO. Any legal remedy you seek will be sought against the PHO not Kabridge.
    5. All bookings are to be paid ahead of time via card, Kabridge is qualified to gather all amount due for the booked ride from you acting altogether in its own right, and settle all costs of the booked ride, due to the PHO for the booked ride as PHO booking specialist.
    6. Your willingness in the fulfilment of the booking, gives Kabridge the right to facilitate the contract for the provision of transport services between you and PHO to another suitable party, making sure that the fulfilment of the booking is highly effective via website/application.
  5. Price Displayed for Booking Comparisons
    1. All quotes are based on the specific pricing systems of the individual supplier.
    2. The quote displayed to you when you make your booking is the journey price excluding any extras.
    3. For all journeys where the pickup is an airport, the quoted price includes 30 minutes Waiting and Parking charges defined by the supplier from the flight actual landing time.
    4. You must pay any additional charges for parking and waiting.
    5. Most of the times, it is not possible to keep the quote active and available for more than 10 Minutes.
    1. "Pay by Card" option, is mainly used at the time you book your ride.
    2. If you are paying by Card and your card payment get refused by card issuer due to any reason, then Kabridge will not be responsible for fulfilling your booking.
    3. Kabridge will be providing you with a receipt for payment via email to your registered email address. This can be used as a receipt for the booking.
    4. PHO will charge you extra for following requirements such as: child seats, additional luggage, large size vehicle, vehicle for special needs etc.
    5. In case, if you make any deviations from the route that you mentioned at the time of booking, then you will be liable to additional charges by PHO in respect thereof and will make such payment directly to PHO by cash.
    6. For the avoidance of doubt, all quotes provided by Kabridge are inclusive of VAT, where applicable at the standard rate.
    7. You’ll need to contact the PHO directly for a receipt relating to their fees.
    8. The promotional offers can be availed by a customer once per booking and only one offer can be applied per booking with Kabridge.
    1. You can easily cancel a booking made through the website/application.
    2. Kabridge must be notified if you wish to cancel your booking.
    3. Cancellation can be made either via Kabridge’s software or by calling the chosen fleet directly.
    4. Cancellation charges will be applied if the car has been already allocated by the selected fleet.
    5. In case, if PHO does not turn up at the Agreed Pick-Up Point within 15 minutes of the Agreed Time for Local Journeys or within 30 minutes if the pick-up point is at airport or you do not use PHO for the ride in such event, You will be entitled to a full refund of the fare, if you paid them in advance by card.
    6. In case, if you are not available at the agreed Pick-Up Point within 15 minutes of the agreed time, it will be at PHO's discretion to treat your non-availability as a cancellation, and you will not be entitled to any refund of the fare.
    7. If PHO decides to wait more than 15 minutes from the agreed time, then you will be liable to pay additional charges to PHO. In respect, of any additional waiting time and/or parking, you will have to make the payment of it directly to PHO.
    8. In case of pre-booking the payment is made up front. While in case of refund/ cancellations/ complaints the payment is reverted within 7 working days by Kabridge from the day your request/Compaint investigation completed and informed you about the outcome by Kabridge.
    1. Kabridge offers customer promotional vouchers in form of Promotion Code / Promotional Code, which can be used as credit against the cost of journeys.
    2. Offer will remain valid for a specified time. In case if anything strange happens, then Kabridge has the right to end the validity of any vouchers without notifying you. To avail offers, customer must use the Promo Code using Kabridge application.
    3. Kabridge enhances promotional offers including "Refer a Friend" ("Get Free Cabs") feature from time to time.
    4. Once you have downloaded the app & started using any "Refer a Friend" feature you are granting Kabridge permission to notify the contacts you selected solely for purpose of providing them with your unique Kabridge referral code.
    5. The Promotion Code you may have that must be utilised by its expiry date.
    6. Promotional Code cannot be converted to cash. But, if the total credit available is less than the cost of the journey, then you will have to use a debit/credit card to cover the difference.
    7. Kabridge have the full right to withdraw any "Refer a Friend" offer and/or cancel any earned vouchers at any time and without notice. In case, where self-referral are being distributed to public websites is detected, Kabridge has the right to cancel any vouchers, prevent an account being used for referral or block any account without reason or notification.
    1. Kabridge’s licensed warranties by PHO are not be responsible for verification, if you have any doubts, then you should consult the PHO immediately.
    2. Kabridge will not be responsible for:
      • Any delays in pick-up or drop-off from your end
      • Any failure of PHO to arrive on time
      • Failure of PHO to offer its services in accordance with your requirements or expectations.
    3. Kabridge shall not in any case be liable for any indirect loss or loss of revenue, howsoever arising, suffered by you in connection with any failure by PHO or otherwise in connection with these Terms.
    4. Kabridge's total obligation in regard of these terms and any issue emerging out of it (counting claims whether made in contract or tort) should be restricted to £150.
    5. Any evaluated ride at times of reaching destination displayed by Kabridge on its open platform are just to be taken as characteristic.
    6. Kabridge keeps you well informed of the status of your booking by sending you email, and SMS text alerts, although Kabridge does not guarantee the delivery nor the timing of these email and SMS text alerts, and shall not in any event be liable for any indirect loss or consequential loss or loss of

    You are responsible for any loss / damage caused to goods during the ride. Kabridge or PHO cannot be held responsible.


    PHO holds the benefit inside its sensible mindfulness to end the ride, in case you or your social occasion's conduct or lead is hazardous in any way and furthermore affects your prosperity or that of the driver of the vehicle. Neither Kabridge nor PHO recognize commitment for any extra costs gained by you/or your get-together in light of the PHO doing all things considered.

    Drugs & alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited to consume in Kabridge vehicles during the trip.

    PHO has the full authority to refuse carrying any person who is found under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

    1. PHO is not responsible to carry/deliver the following:
      • Weapons, money/securities, antiques, precious metals, jewellery, goods/property, dangerous, explosives.
      • PHO shall have no liability whatsoever for loss or damage
      • PHO will not be liable directly or indirectly for consequential loss
      • Damage/brokerage to any fragile items
      • PHO will not be liable for any loss/damage arising directly or indirectly from:
      • Accidents, breakdown, adverse weather conditions.
      • Any act or omission on the part of the customer.
    1. In case, of any complaint regarding service provided by PHO, immediately contact cab offices directly via phone/email, to resolve the issue within 24 hours of the journey completion time.
    2. Just in case, if you are unable to resolve your complaint with PHO, immediately notify Kabridge via ‘’Contact Us’’ page or via email to info@kabridge.com within 72 hours of the journey completion time, failure to do so in timely fashion invalidates your right to complaint for the journey.
    3. Even then, if Kabridge is unable to resolve the issue then Kabridge shall be entitled to submit such claim to the determination of an independent third party selected by Kabridge and accordingly you must agree to be bound by the decision of such third party.
    4. In case, if you have a dispute with the PHO, then Kabridge is not responsible for any claims, demands and damages.

    Kabridge strictly maintains the confidentiality of personal data collected as part of making a using Kabridge Platform. Data will not be shared with third parties without your consent. Kabridge may amend these Terms & Conditions and will make such changes public via the website/application.

    Find out more detail about our Privacy Policy by visiting our Privacy & Security Policy Page.


    If you experience any trouble locating your driver, without any delay contact the Cab Office directly.

    Your contact details will be located on the journey details email. Just quote the Kabridge booking reference number with following details:

    • Name and number.
    • Journey Pick up and destinations.
    • Journey time.

    In case of cancellation of service, it can be done online through your mobile device or by calling the supplier directly. If you are having technical trouble with the Kabridge software, our technical support is available to assist you during its standard technical support hours by email at info@kabridge.com


    Above mentioned Terms & Conditions form agreement between the parties and represents a warrant that you have not relied on any representation made by Kabridge in entering into this agreement.

    Failure by either party at any time to enforce any right claim or provision of these Terms or arising hereunder shall not be construed as a waiver of such right, claim or provision.

    Kabridge will notify & keep you informed for any updates via info@kabridge.com. All notices may be served by email and shall be deemed to have been given 1 hour after transmission thereof.

    These Terms and Your agreement with Kabridge shall be governed and construed in accordance with English Law. You irrevocably agree for the exclusive benefit of Kabridge to submit any dispute hereunder to the jurisdiction of the courts of England but nothing herein shall prevent Kabridge from taking proceedings against you in any other court of competent jurisdiction.