FAQ by our clients

Yes, with Kabridge you can always choose your preferred working areas. Whether its airport or local trips that you are comfortable working. Just add your preferred area in coverage area section of Kabridge portal and your company price will be listed in those areas for later job. For ASAP jobs, if you are using CMS your company will be listed based on your driver location, if you driver is within 3 miles of pickup location your company price will be listed and customer can make a booking with your company.
Kabridge will advertise your services by targeting London to land you most leads. The rest is up to you; amaze them with your quality service and prompt availability.
Kabridge will forward all the relevant jobs if they meet your requirements. At times we also forward some of the jobs we received over the call or emails.
We will set some basic fare and guidelines regarding pricing but each partner must have to set their own price from the Kabridge portal as per their preference; after all, you know you area best.
Amaze your customer with your excellent service and comfortable ride by delivering on the promise that you are the best in your job. This will rank you, better than other companies in your area. We will send you all job details that you may need to facilitate a customer.
No hassle for you at all regarding the payments. We will collect the payment on your behalf from the customers and then we will pay you on agreed upon dates. Simple and easy.
No, you cannot charge customer for anything extra unless exceptional circumstances. All your airport quote must include meet & greet, 60 minutes waiting and 30 minutes parking, so make sure to setup your prices correctly either on Kabridge Portal or on your integrated Dispatch System. In case of any complaints from customer, you will be liable to pay heavy penalty from Kabridge and lose your membership from Kabridge.
We always welcome good and more partners to join our platform to serve more customers. We have procedure to join the Kabridge Platform.
You need to register using Kabridge Website and provide all the information and agree to our Terms and Condition. Once you are registered, our account review team will review your request and get in touch with you with the result.
You will get a confirmation of your account approval once our review team approves it and from there onwards, you can login to portal and setup your preferences like Price, Coverage Areas, and Profile etc.
You can also contact us by sending an email to us on info@kabridge.com, if you face any difficulties in registration.
You can setup your prices by login to Kabridge Cab Office Portal and going to price management section from the Left hand side Menu.
You can setup your coverage area from the Kabridge Cab Office Portal and going to the Coverage Area section from the Left hand side menu.

You can add all your preferred coverage areas you pick up from including airports and stations and your company will be listed with your prices quote for all the Later bookings based on Lead Time defined by you for given coverage area.
We do recommend you to have our Integrated System CMS, but it is not mandatory to have nay dispatch system you can work with it and perform all the action using Kabridge Portal.
You will receive an email about any booking made for you by customer for you. You can also check your all you bookings / job on portal. If you are using one of our integrated dispatch system, the job will straight be sent to your system and you do not have to use two different platforms.
We can try to locate any other partner to cover the job for you if informed well in advance. If we find any other provider and there is any price difference, it will be deducted from your next monthly payment in form of penalty.
We do not want to charge any penalties but in case of any misconduct or complaint from Customer resulted being you responsible for it. Than only Kabridge may impose a set amount of penalty based on the outcome. Kabridge will decide the penalty amount based on the severity of issue will decide the amount penalty.
You can login to your partner’s account using Kabridge Cab Office Portal Login, after our Review Team has approved your account and you have received your approval confirmation email.
You can contact Kabridge by submitting your query on Kabridge Contact Us Page or by sending us an email on info@kabridge.com. We aim to respond to all queries as soon as possible, but sometime it may take more time but not more than 24 hours.
If you have forgotten your password, you can follow the forget password procedure by clicking on Forget Password Link on Cab Office Login Page. You need to provide your registered email address and we will send you secured link to set a new password. Make sure you use the link with 24 hours from the request made because the URL will be expired and will not allow you to reset password using that URL.
No you cannot, all airport quote includes Meet & Greet, 60 Minutes waiting and 30 Minutes parking, so make sure to setup your prices correctly for Airport Pickups on either Kabridge Portal or Integrated Dispatch System. In case of such complaints from customer, it regarded as a misconduct and you will be liable to pay heavy penalty from Kabridge and lose your membership from Kabridge.
Make sure to contact customer about the situation and agree with customer if they can wait for the driver. If customer does not want to have a cab if driver is being late more than 15 minutes, the job can canceled without any cancellation charges to customer. In addition, Supplier cannot claim any payment for that job, in some cases supplier may get a penalty for driver being late and we get complaints from customer.
We do not encourage or accept any sort of delay for the pickup. It gives negative impression on customer and customer dissatisfaction. However, in a situation which are not in your control we allow 15 minutes of delay for the pickup provided by communicated with customer about the delay and agreed about it by cab office.

FAQ by our customer's

Kabridge is a complete, easy to use and reliable application that allows you to compare travel fares from different private hire operators so that you can book with the best option possible. Kabridge acts as a Booking Agent, not a licensed private hire operator.
Follow 3 simple steps:
  1. Step - Put in your trip details
    • Pickup and drop off locations inclusive of any via
    • Date and time details
  2. Step - Get a quote
    • Get a set of real time quotes from different companies
    • These are our partners who are happy to cover your journey
    • When a cab driver is en-route to pick you up, the cab drivers details are shared with you
  3. Step - Payment
    • You can make the payment via Visa Card, Master Card or American Express
    • After Payment confirmation you will be presented with Booking Confirmation screen providing your reference number and journey detail.
We have numerous partners working with us & providing the quotes, they are from some of the leading fleets in UK.
Kabridge consults a number of Cab Companies registered as partner with us to furnish the quotes.
No, you don’t loose your cab booking after getting the booking confirmation.
While you are on the booking screen, you can select a later time and date for your ride. You can make advance booking up to six months with Kabridge.
If you have registered an account with Kabridge, you can cancel or amend your booking at any time through the application or website. If you don’t have an account, you will need to contact the cab office regarding the changes. If they can’t help you then you can contact our support team at info@kabridge.com.
You will be notified via sms, email & Kabridge application notification about all the updates related to your booking.
Yes, Kabridge provides you with vehicle options depending on your passengers and luggage, you can choose vehicle most suited to your need.

We have pre-defined Car Sizes for you to choose from
  • SALOON: 4 Passenger and 2 Suitcases
  • ESTATE: 4 Passenger and 4 Suitcases
  • MPV: 5 Passenger and 4 Suitcases
  • MINIBUS / 8 SEATER: 8 Passenger and 5 Suitcases
  • EXECUTIVE: 4 Passenger and 2 Suitcases
Yes, you can cancel your booking. Cancellation changes will incur an additional fee if not done before driver assigned to your booking. For more information, please visit our Terms and Conditions Page at https://www.kabridge.com/terms-condition.html
Your refund will be processed within 7 working days after making the request.
We send a summary of your journey through Kabridge right after you book a ride with us. The summary is shared through email (from info@kabridge.com) and can also be considered as a receipt of your booking. Make sure you check your spam folder just in case; it delivered in your spam folder, so please add info@kabridge.com in your trusted folder.
Contact the Cab Companies/ Fleet Directly for any booking issues.
If you forget your password, you can always visit this link: https://www.kabridge.com/user/forgot and put in your email address. A link will be sent to you on that email address (if it is a valid registered email address) and you will be able to create a new password for your account.

If you need any further assistance, you can always contact our support on info@kabridge.com.
No, you can use Kabridge without ever having to make an account. However, making an account will let you make repeat bookings easier, and make payments faster. You may also be eligible for promotional offers.
We have many cab operators who offer child seats in their cars with some additional charge. You can mention your additional need such as baby seat or booster seat in additional information or comment box.
Wait for around 1 to 2 minutes, still if you do not get the code then try to resend a code to your provided number or you can change it to new number. However, you can also write us an email at info@kabridge.com in case of difficulty.
Yes, you can but make sure you do not book the same journey again with another cab provider, as you will be charged twice for the same journey.
Android, iOS and any web browser supported devices.
Yes, you can avail our cab booking service from our website as well.
There are no hidden charges but additional charges would be there if you avail services like child seat or vehicle for handicapped. If you ask driver to park somewhere, or if you add via, anything other than the mentioned and paid journey would be chargeable.
Additional charges may occur if you change the journey pickup or destination or request driver to wait somewhere. Unless, it is airport pickup which includes 60 minutes of waiting and 30 minutes of parking after your flight lands. If this time exceeds you may need to pay the difference of parking and waiting directly to the driver.
In case of uninformed delays, you will get charged after waiting time of 15 minutes.
Kabridge accept payment through Visa Card, Master Card and American Express.
In occurrence of such situation just like other cab providers, we don’t charge our customers for any waiting due to delay in traffic.
You can rate your cab driver & journey using mobile application. Once your journey is completed, you will receive a notification on your mobile application asking you to rate your journey & driver.
No, we have strict policy in this regard.
You need to contact the Cab Office immediately.
While booking your ride online, you can access our support staff through live chat option on our website. Type your query or message you wish to ask and a representative will immediately get back to you.
We take complaints seriously & take immediate action on them. We recommend you to contact the Cab Office first to solve your complaint, in case, if they can’t help then contact us via email at info@kabridge.com or by Contact Us page. We will be more than happy to look into the matter & update about the outcome.
Kabridge offers different promotions time to time. Just make sure you look for offers from Kabridge while booking your cab and avail the discounts by using the promotional code at the time of booking.
Yes we do, we have number of trusted partners who are specialized in airport transfers.
  • Initially when you put in your location, Kabridge will give you an estimated time window
  • Share your flight timings with us to get there in time for check in
  • We take in factors like traffic and processing time and take you to airport well before your flight
  • We suggest you to book your airport rides well in advance
  • While booking make sure that you share the correct details regarding your flight with flight number and departure time in the given comment box
All airport pickup quotes include 60 minutes waiting time from when the flight lands and 30 minutes of parking associated charges. For any additional waiting or parking, you’ll be liable to pay cash to the driver.
Our partners do monitoring of flights for all airport pickups. Therefore, we suggest you to provide your flight details in comments, while making an airport pickup booking.
You can book up to 6 months in advance.
It is entirely up to Service Partner’s policy. Kindly make sure that you read our partner’s Terms & Conditions and accordingly you write down your comments in your comment box if you wish to carry any pet.
It’s not compulsory and totally up to a customer’s discretion.
Yes, we do accept payments by international credit cards.
In such case, customer need to contact cab office and ask for the vehicle with spacious luggage capacity.
Driver may refuse to carry the customer and customer will not get any refund.
In such situation, customer is liable to pay full charges for the journey he booked.
If driver misbehaves with the customer, then customer must launch complaint for the driver & Kabridge will take strong action against him.
In such circumstances, customer must first check the internet connectivity, then try restarting the application, even then if he/she faces the same issue then immediately contact/email Kabridge on info@kabridge.com.
All registered Kabridge Customer can avail discounts by entering your promo code at the time of booking if they have one.
Customer can check the status of their bookings after logging through their app & clicking on "manage booking".
New card can be added at the time of booking.
From the booking, go to active booking from there you can track your driver by clicking on track driver button for appropriate job.