How it Works?

No matter where you wish to work whether its airport or your local town, just let us know the area and we will put our best to deliver you jobs in those area..
Promote your services by letting us know your vehicle and service capabilities, whether you provide wheelchair accessible cars or car with babe seats. Stay us well informed about your vehicle types like executive cars that we can market your business accordingly
We will focus on advertising your services, we target all over United Kingdom to target the most leads and forward it to you that you can amaze them with your quality service.
We will forward all job in to your dispatch system if they meet your requirements.
We give you the liberty to set up the journey prices on the basis of vehicle and area; after all you know your area well.
Amaze your customer with your excellent service and comfortable ride, as we promise you are the best in your job this will rank your better than other companies in your area. We will send you all job details that you can contact customer.
You do not charge the customer for the ride, customer pays us directly and then we will pay you on agreed dates. Hassle free card Payments.

Ride requests and offers

Rider make a request form our app to book a journey, we match that request with in that local area and if we found match we then send the booking request to local partner,
We will send all booking request to your dispatch system and by email.
You just need to dispatch the booking request from dispatch system, no manual work needed
We send those to the customer. It’s up to him to accept your offer.
Customer can only see your company rating and pricing before booking the jobs.
You can cancel any offer if it’s not been booked by customer.
You can update any offer if it’s not been booked by customer
We will send your customer full details that you can contact them if there is any issue.
We will send you all booking information relation to customer booking, please use them to contact customer if there is any changes.

Customer FAQs

You can book your journey using either our website ( or by using the phone applications available on iOS App Store and the Android Play Store.

Follow these steps in order to book your Journey.

  1. Enter your Journey information:
    1. Your Pickup and drop off locations, including any via addresses.
    2. If booking for the future, your journey date and time
    3. Tap on your desired Vehicle choice based on the number of Passengers and Luggage. Note: Vehicles will show you how many passengers and suitcases it can carry. Select carefully.
  2. Select a Quotation:
    1. Now you can see the available drivers or cab companies around your Pickup location. Tap on a Company or change the view to List view from Top right corner on the app. It will list all the available companies with their fares.
    2. You can sort them based on three options; Nearest, Cheapest and Best ratings.
  3. Provide Payment information and Book:
    1. Once you select the desired company, tap on it and you will see the details and payment screen. Double check the information, add your card details and any promotion code you may have. Provide instructions for driver including flight details, baby seat or pickup location information and Request the Cab.
    2. Once the driver is allocated, you will receive a notification and tracking information.
Note: For more information you can have a look on our tour pages.

You can set the date and time to book for later while on the booking screen.

Kabridge will let you make a booking up to 6 months in advance.

If you have registered an account with Kabridge, you can cancel or amend your booking at any time through the application or website. If you don’t have an account, you will need to contact our support team at

No, you can use Kabridge without ever having to make an account. Making an account will however let you make repeat bookings easier, and make payments faster. You may also be eligible for promotional offers.

Try to resend a code to your provided number or you can change it to new number. However, you can also write us an email at in case of difficulty.

Kabridge works by comparing the fares of available local minicab prices from a range of partners across London, ensuring that you get the best prices for your journeys.

Kabridge does not store your payment details and instead use a world renowned payment portal called Braintree, who manages the transaction for us. Braintree is used by companies like Dropbox and AirBnB, and their system is amazingly robust.

There are two ways to get in contact with us.

  1. Either you can get in contact with us by writing an email
  2. If you want to enquire about your booked journey, contact the minicab company directly by calling them on their phone number. We provide our partner details in booking confirmation email.

At Kabridge, we work only with offices who have obtained their Private Carriage Office Certificate (PCO) from TFL. That means that both the cab office, and their drivers, has been approved to operate in the London area by TFL. If there are any problems, we have the full record of your journey, and we will always be ready to assist you.

TFL requires that minicabs accept assistance dogs, however to avoid surprising our drivers, it would be very much appreciated if you would leave a note when making the booking. For other dogs, please leave a note, however we are unable to guarantee that our partners will take dogs, and you will be notified as soon as they are able.

Most of our partners are able to accommodate small children, either with a booster seat or a child seat. Simply leave a driver note stating that you will require one when making a booking.

Cancellations may incur an additional fee if not done in an appropriate time frame. For more information, please visit our Terms and Conditions Page at

Your refund will be processed within 7 working days after making the request.

We send a summary of your journey through Kabridge within 24 hours of completing your journey. You can also ask for a receipt from the driver, who should be able to provide one immediately.

You can make a complaint by emailing us. All complaints are investigated immediately by us, before we pass it further on to our partners. You will receive a response to every complaint made and kept up to date as we investigate.